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Result: You have an hourglass shaped body type!

An hourglass shaped body has lovely female forms with a well-defined waist. As if taken from a movie from the 60s, you have shoulders as wide as your hips and a well defined waist. The bust can be both large or small and also seen from the side, the body is curvy. Enjoy your curves and focus on your waist! For example a wrap dress would highlight you waits beautifully. It can be a challenge to find well-fitting dresses, but e.g. so called princess models such as “Beata” where the waist goes in and the skirt goes out suits you very very well.

If you feel that clothes are just hanging on you like a tent, the best tip is to put a belt around the waist. You can also tie your cardigans at the waist. Regarding patterns and colors, you should completely go by your taste. You fit in most things! Body-hugging clothes suit the slender hourglass best.

This works well on you!

☑︎ Soft pleated dresses and simple models fit you particularly well!
☑︎ Light A-shaped models and wrap models.
☑︎ Clothes that have a soft cut.
☑︎ Shaped jackets that go to the hip.
☑︎ All necklines dress you!
☑︎ Smooth cardigans, not for tightly woven fabrics.
☑︎ Heels
☑︎ Accessories of all kinds, e.g. large earrings and scarves with fun knots.
☑︎ Always emphasize the waist, e.g. fitted models or belts.
☑︎ Slim skirts
☑︎ Soft patterns are more flattering than angular patterns.
☑︎ Try flexible stretch!
☑︎ Do you have a large bust? Do not use oversized tops.

Here you see some garments that suit you!

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