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Empower women

Dress like Marie is a Finnish family-run business that offer clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. Marie, who is the founder of the company, runs the business with her daughters Lisa and Emelie. Sustainable fashion sits close to our hearts, and through styling we aim to encourage women to play around with colors and patterns to create playful and versatile outfits that can be worn through many seasons. We strongly believe that what you wear enhances your personality, and always seek to guide women find their style. Our vision is to help every woman bloom for who she is.

Most of our re-sellers already have a shop and clientele of their own and they choose what they want to sell.

Are you interested in clothes and styling? Do you have an eye for colors, patterns and composition? Do you love inspiring others? Send an e-mail to [email protected] and tell us why you want to start your journey with us!

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