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Personal styling

Get some quality time with your personal stylist

Do you find yourself caught in old patterns, and feel you want to try something new? Maybe you are looking for a fresh start, and need some guidance on the way? Or perhaps you LOVE clothes and styling, and want to dive deep with a personal stylist that can guide you through the different styles?

Try our Personal Styling service in store! For one hour, you will be the focus of one of our dedicated stylists. With our help, you will get to try our different outfits and combinations, colors and patterns and explore your unique style. Maybe you will see yourself in a new light, and discover new possibilities with how to dress!

Cost: 150 €, that you will be able to shop for

Duration: ca. 60 minutes

Come as your are and be prepared to try out some cool outfits!

Contact us for more information!
[email protected]

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