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Dress like Marie – Inspiration, Happiness & Confidence!

We help women feel content with their body. Often women come to us uninspired – so many of us have something with our body that we are not happy about. Many even feel uncomfortable trying on clothes because of past negative experience of having trouble finding things that fit. With us it will be fun to try out clothes and through styling we want to help women express their personality. A delicious and flattering outfit makes wonders for self-esteem and mood.

Our speciality is to handpick and design delicious and flattering clothes for all women – regardless of size, shape and taste. We guarantee the most comfortable clothes that will make you happy. With us, you always get personalized service, both in our stores and through our online shop. Our styling concept and our custom-designed garments are based on a long experience of helping women of all shapes and sizes to find clothes that suit them.

Dress like Marie Design – clothes for all shapes and sizes!

Marie had a vision – to create clothes that fit all types of bodies, in all sizes and shapes. What started as a small store in Ostrobothnia, Finland, has now grown into a strong brand with its own clothing brand, an online shop, a Dress like Marie store and several retailers.

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