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Our History

Everything started by chance…

Dress Like Marie is a family run company that started in Oravais, a small village in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Marie Backman-Thors runs the company with her daughters Lisa and Emelie. The company started off by coincidence in 2009, when Marie’s friends started showing interest in the clothes she wore and hade carefully sourced on her travels. Hence the name – Dress like Marie.

The brand Dress Like Marie began in 2011. At the core of Dress like Marie is the idea that all women should feel satisfied with and proud of their unique bodies regardless of their body shape, size and age. We value garments that not only look good, but also feel good and have a good fit and are flattering. In 2013 we opened our online store, The headquarters are located in Mariehamn, Åland. Several retailers already exist in both Finland and Sweden and the online store is growing at a fast pace.

In 2016 our very own clothing brand, Dress like Marie Design, was launched. Today, it is still Marie herself, together with daughter Emelie, who makes all purchases and designs all Dress like Marie Design garments. Marie travels around the world to gain inspiration to influence our collections.

Dress like Marie Design – clothes for all shapes and sizes!

Marie had a vision – to create clothes that fit all types of bodies, in all sizes and shapes. What started as a small store in Ostrobothnia, Finland, has now grown into a strong brand with its own clothing brand, an online shop, a Dress like Marie store and several retailers.

Our goal with our custom-designed collection is:

  • To design great clothes that actually fit and are available in size S up to 4XL.
  • Garments of high quality and reasonable prices.
  • Clothes that you can wear for several seasons and style in many different ways.
  • Clothes with a feminine design and fun patterns that sit nicely instantly, without any hassle.

Today, we design comfortable and practical clothing in Finland, that are manufactured in factories in Italy, Nepal, Thailand and China, offering good working environments for their employees and with emphasis on sustainability. We visit our factories several times a year to make sure that the garments are manufactured fairly and maintain a high quality. Our clothes are based on many years of experience in managing different bodies and helping women develop their personal style.

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