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Result: You have an apple shaped body type!

An apple shaped body is wonderfully curvy without a marked waist and with slender, fine legs. The shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width. Make sure your clothes don’t in go under your stomach or bottom. Conjure up a longer line on the body with straight or A-shaped models or dresses instead. The V-neck is stylish and a nice, a large piece of jewelry that focuses on your full bust gives the body a nice balance. Long cardigans are great to wear if you want to divide your silhouette and emphasize a little waist.

Jeans leggings with a soft and tight fit look good on you with slightly narrower legs, while an apple shaped person with strong legs also looks good in wide trousers such as our classics ‘Bodil’ or ‘Frida’. One thing that is good to have in the back of your mind is to create proportions between the upper and lower part of the body. You look good in longer tunics, they make your body line longer in combination with slim stretch pants that show off your beautiful legs.

This works well on you!

☑︎ Thin fabrics with nice fall! Stretch!
☑︎ Vertical and simple lines.
☑︎ Large shawls, letting the shawl hang down freely gives it a tapered impression (vertical line).
☑︎ Long jackets and cardigans.
☑︎ Emphasized shoulder line with a nice neckline, shawl or jewelry.
☑︎ V-neck – show some cleavage.
☑︎ Empire cut – slightly flared cut under the bust.
☑︎ Slanted skirts/trousers.
☑︎ Heel on the shoes.
☑︎ Let the shirt hang on top of the pants instead of the other way around.
☑︎ Clothes that are not tight, but still do not have too much fabric or drapes.
☑︎ Choose patterns with care!
☑︎ One row buttoning on the jackets.
☑︎ Do you like pockets? Make sure they blend in and don’t emphasize the stomach.

Here you see some garments that suit you!

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