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Result: You have a strawberry shaped body type!

A strawberry shaped body has either a small or a generous bust, beautifully defined shoulders, and slim, lovely hips and legs. Your upper body is wider than your hip and bottom. The strawberry shaped body type can have either broad, angular, or sporty shoulders. The upper body is in general larger than the lower body, and the waist is often not very defined. The legs are often slim, and the buttocks may also in many cases be flat. The golden rule to keep in mind is to try to balance the broad shoulder area and bust with the narrower lower part of the body.

One characteristic of the strawberry shaped body is that there is often a difference in sizes between the upper and lower body – a larger size on the upper body and a smaller size on the lower body. It is common to face challenges in finding garments that fit well around the bust and shoulders without feeling too tight.

You should focus on the lower part of your body. For example, patterned and light-colored bottoms suit you very well, as well as longer A-line tops. Wide or flared bottoms help balance the proportions of your body (for example, our pants Bodil and Frida). Make sure your tops do not cut under the belly or buttocks. V-necklines are flattering, and a nice, longer necklace that draws attention to your potentially fuller bust can provide good balance to your body. Long cardigans are great for defining your silhouette and highlighting the waist.

When it comes to your outfits, pairing longer tops with fitted bottoms like leggings or stretch pants works really well for you. Longer tunics and flowing A-line styles are particularly flattering as they create a lengthening effect on your body, especially when combined with slim bottoms that highlight your beautiful legs.

This works well on you!

☑︎ A-line tops, just make sure they are long enough. Wrap tops are also a good option.
☑︎ Smaller necklines and necklaces work well if you have a smaller bust. If you have a larger bust, you can try V-necklines or deeper necklines. Boat necks and stiff shirt collars can further broaden the proportions of the upper body.
☑︎ Choose well-fitted bottoms with interesting cuts and cool details. Try balancing the proportions between the upper and lower body by choosing bottoms that have pockets, belts, gathers, or pleats.
☑︎ Jacket lengths that reach the hips.
☑︎ Sleeve lengths that suit you best are 3/4 sleeves or sleeveless. Full-length sleeves, raglan sleeves, and bishop sleeves also work well! Square-cut t-shirts with sleeves that end at the bust can further broaden the proportions of the upper body.
☑︎ Pants and skirts that drape softly and beautifully.
☑︎ Trumpet sleeves and large bracelets draw attention downwards towards the hip area.
☑︎ Long necklaces and scarves, as well as visible and dangling earrings.
☑︎ Make sure to choose dresses in right sizes. Avoid models that are too small and tight.
☑︎ Medium-sized patterns on tops can add a stylish touch.
☑︎ Maxi-length dresses and skirts are a great option for you.

Here you see some garments that suit you!

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