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Result: You have a pear shaped body type!

A pear shaped body type has narrow shoulders. Fuller butt and thighs are also characteristic of a pear shaped body type. The most important thing about this body shape is to balance the narrow upper body with the wider hip. You fit perfectly in soft and feminine A-shaped models that bring out the waist, e.g., wrap dresses and princess models in round shapes and fabrics that fall softly. The models can be close-fitting, but looser tops also fit you very well.

You can advantageously have some puff sleeves, large shawls and larger necklaces to draw the eye to the upper part of the body and to add some mass to the shoulder area. And if you for some reason want to tone down your thighs and bum, it can be good to wear plain dark bottoms and focus on the upper part of your body with stretchy tops, tunics and dresses in lovely colors and patterns. It can be a challenge for you to find good models that fit well both over the shoulders and hips because they are of different sizes.

This works well on you!

☑︎ Soft fabrics with a nice fall instead of tightly woven stiff fabrics! Stretch!
☑︎ Soft patterns
☑︎ Slim or straight skirts
☑︎ Layering! 
☑︎ Large collars
☑︎ Widening boat necklines or other widening necklines give nice balance to the shoulder area.
☑︎ Pointed and large lapels on blazers and jackets
☑︎ Long jackets (A-line) and cardigans that end below the butt or at waist height.
☑︎ Emphasized shoulder line with a nice neckline, shawl, earrings or necklace.
☑︎ Tops that are long enough or end a bit above the hip.
☑︎ Medium high shoes
☑︎ Cap sleeves and wide shoulder straps
☑︎ Shoulder pads, puff sleeves and ruffles at the top
☑︎ If you like side pockets, make sure they don’t end up at the widest point on the hip.
☑︎ Ponchos
☑︎ Both loose tops and well-fitted tops, but don’t choose models that are too tight.
☑︎ Tops with slits on the sides.
☑︎ High bottoms

Here you see some garments that suit you!

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