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Black faux leather skirt, PEGGY


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Black, thin leather look skirt in many sizes (faux leather). Comfortable and high waist with rubber band. Fits all body types! Wash by hand, also before use. Choose a smaller size if you want the skirt to fit tight.


95% polyester, 5% elastane

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Color: Black
Size: M-L, L-XL, 2XL-3XL, 3XL-4XL, 4XL-5XL
Length: 53 cm
Waist (unstretched) M/L: 82 cm
Waist (unstretched) L/XL: 92 cm
Waist (unstretched) 2XL/3XL: 102 cm
Waist (unstretched) 3XL/4XL: 112 cm
Waist (unstretched) 4XL/5XL: 120 cm
Waist in M/L, stretched: 96 cm
Waist in L/XL, stretched: 114 cm
Waist in 2XL/3XL, stretched: 130 cm
Waist in 3XL/4XL, stretched: 148 cm
Waist in 4XL/5XL, stretched: 148 cm
Body shape: Apple shaped body, Hourglass shaped body, Rectangle shaped body, Strawberry shaped body
Recommended washing temperature: Hand wash in cold water
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