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Questions about our products

  • What is the right size for me?

    You can find our size chart at the bottom of each product page. There you can see the measurements and all our sizes. We have tested our clothes on bodies of different shapes and sizes before deciding on the sizes. Some garments are available in One size, e.g. M-2XL. (This means that this One size garment fits you from size M up to 2XL.) Marie, who is the model in most of the product images, is size XL and her length is 169 cm.

    Here in our size guide, you can read more about how to proceed.

  • How and where are you clothes made?

    Marie and her daughter Emelie design most of the garments in our shop. Our products are manufactured in Italy, Portugal, Nepal, Thailand and China. Here you can read our blog post about our craftsmen in Nepal (batik, embroidery, crochet and patchwork). The posts are available only in Swedish.

    Marie check and approve the clothes before they go on sale, just to ensure that the garments are of good quality and fit. Our very own brand is designed to fit many different body shapes and sizes, and to work in many different seasons. Versatile garments are both durable and practical!

  • Why should I wash clothes before use?

    At some point, certain types of garments can release some color and stain other garments in their surroundings. And to save the environment, we give washing tips before the accident happens. We want our clothes to last a long time, we want the colors to look good, so you can use the clothes for as long as possible. This is good for both the wallet and the environment.

    It’s always good to wash the clothes that are closest to the skin before use – just to avoid chemicals. Of course, this applies to clothes in general and this is only a recommendation.

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