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Models that suit everyone

Today, I’m planning to examine my absolute favorites in detail. By favorites, I mean a collection of garments that we have had in our assortment for several years and that we regularly update. They are all A-line shaped, which makes them flattering for almost all body types. A-line garments with the right fit are loose where many consider their “problem areas” to be, such as the stomach, buttocks, and thighs, while slightly cinching in below the bust. They fit snugly around the shoulders and bust and then flow more loosely towards the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. This means that the garments do not squeeze anywhere and feel very comfortable. The bust gives shape to the garment, creating the illusion of a small waist without emphasizing the stomach. However, it is important to choose the right size, ensure that the garments have good stretch, and that the fabric drapes nicely.

Here are some lovely tunics/dresses. Let’s start with the shortest model.


‘Diana’ is our shortest favorite. At first glance, it may resemble ‘Doris,’ but there are several differences in their cuts. The classic ‘Diana’ is slightly shorter than ‘Doris’ and is available with short sleeves, ¾ length sleeves, and full-length sleeves. The neckline is a flattering oval shape, slightly V-shaped, and the hem has a fairly straight cut. The overall shape is still A-shaped, but slightly less flowing compared to ‘Doris’.

‘Diana’ is incredibly stylish in its simplicity and is always available in various cool patterns. There is also a slightly longer version called ‘Diana Midi.’ In the midi variant, we have kept the garment’s shape unchanged but extended it by about 20 cm. This has resulted in a slightly straighter and less flowing style compared to, for example, the ‘Michelle’ tunic. ‘Diana’ is particularly suitable for body shapes such as pear, strawberry, hourglass, and straight.

The shorter ‘Diana’ pairs perfectly with pants. If you are shorter (under 160 cm), you can also wear it with leggings. It’s also possible to layer a long ‘Lunika’ top underneath if you feel it’s too short to wear with leggings. The ‘Lunika’ acts as an extension, covering the buttocks (see the first picture on the right)!

‘Diana’ is made of a comfortable and flowing polyester-viscose material.

‘Diana’ in regular length and 3/4 sleeves.

Longer ‘Diana Midi’ with long sleeves.


’Doris’ is a slightly longer tunic than ‘Diana’. ‘Doris’ has a looser fit and it is having rounded neckline with a nice drop detail at the neck. ‘Doris’ has more fabric at the bottom and it has a rounded hem, where the back feels longer than the front when worn. Even ‘Doris’ has different sleeve lengths – short, ¾ length and full length. ‘Doris’ is extra stylish on apple shaped, strawberry shaped, and straight body shapes.

‘Doris’ fits perfectly with trousers but also with leggings, even better if you are short (under 160 cm). It’s also perfectly fine to use a long ‘Lunika’ top underneath if it feels too short to be used with leggings! I also think it’s nice to have a tight ‘Lunika’ as an extension underneath – it gives a very flattering silhouette!

‘Doris’ is made of a comfortable and flexible polyester-viscose material. The monochrome  models are 95% viscose.

‘Doris’, the tunic above, has a rounded hem.


‘Ellen’ is a beautiful tunic with a hand-embroidered pattern. Sometimes with circles and abstract patterns, and sometimes with flowers or other organic motifs. It is made of comfortable and stretchy, finely woven cotton material. ‘Ellen’ has ¾ sleeves and a softly rounded V-neck that is figure-flattering and works on most bodies. The model is slightly A-shaped, so it is not as flared as the below-mentioned models, but works in the same, flattering way. ‘Ellen’ goes perfectly with a pair of comfortable leggings or tighter trousers.

‘Ellen’ fits all body types and is made of cotton.

This ‘Ellen’ has flowers in green and turquoise.


‘Michelle’ is long enough to be used with trousers as well as leggings. It is more generous in its forms than ‘Beata’. It is ample at the bottom and has a lot of fabric in the hem. The hem is rounded, shorter at the sides and longer at the front and back. It usually has practical ¾ sleeves and a slight V-shaped neckline. There is also model with shorts as well as a longer dress version. Long-sleeved versions are also available! ‘Michelle’ always comes in tough monsters so you can fill up your everyday life with color and cool patterns! The model looks especially good on apple shaped, strawberry shaped and straight body shapes, but works on everyone.

‘Michelle’ is made from a comfortable and flexible polyester-viscose material.

The monochromes models are 95% viscose.

‘Michelle’ is beautifully A-shaped.



‘Beata’ is a so-called princess model, with varying sleeve lengths and usually a round neckline. The simple shape in combination with cool patterns makes ‘Beata’ a very versatile garment – easy to dress up for a party, or dress down for everyday life. It is also available in several different lengths, of course with the same flattering cut around the bust and stomach.

‘Beata’ is a model that fits all body shapes! It is sewn in three different width both front and back and falls with an A-shape outwards from the bust down to the hem, which gives it its characteristic shape.

‘Beata’ is made of a comfortable and flexible polyester-viscose material.

A ‘Beata’ in black and white.

It is important  that the garments stretch well and that the fabric falls nicely on the body. The polyester-viscose blend we use is my favorite – the colors stay nice and bright, the fabric doesn’t wrinkle and it breathes well thanks to the viscose. The monochromes models are made in 95% viscose and ‘Ellen’ is 95% cotton.

The garments above are my personal favorites and they are constantly recurring in our collections. We listen to your wishes and update with new patterns and small variations in e.g. sleeve length. And remember that once you have found one or more models that suit you, you know that you can take a look when the next collection is launched and find your favorite tunic in a new lovely pattern.

Hugs, Marie

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