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How do you style a large bust?

In my job, I often receive questions about how to magically make certain things disappear or appear on the body. Many people are seeking clothing tips on how to dress when they have a large bust. People with a larger bust can struggle to find well-fitting clothes. Some garments just don’t do justice to the bust at all. I will now explain and demonstrate why you shouldn’t hide behind large scarves and heavy layers of clothing.

What kind of tops should one choose if the bust is heavy and one feels uncomfortable? Tops have certain requirements that they must meet. The top should not feel tight anywhere, it should be comfortable. It should also not fit too loosely, as a shapeless garment can do more harm than good. But I know, it can actually be difficult for people with a larger bust to find clothes. Wearing a size that is too small can cause tightness and create wrinkles around the armpits. Sometimes, it may be necessary to go up a size, but then there is a risk that it will fit too loosely around the back. I myself have a fairly large bust and know that it’s not always easy to find tops that fit well. Through trial and error, I have learned what works, and here are the best tips. The clothing should fit well over the shoulders, but not squeeze around the bust. Often, one doesn’t want to further accentuate the breasts but rather aims to achieve good balance in the body’s proportions.

My best tips

Choose the right neckline to flatter a large bust

Tight high necklines, turtlenecks, and polo collars can visually create the illusion of increased volume in the bust area, emphasizing it in a less flattering way. This might not be the desired effect. On the other hand, larger necklines such as V-necks, deep oval necklines, or wrap-style necklines tend to complement a larger bust nicely. This doesn’t necessarily mean showing more skin (unless you want to), but rather choosing a well-designed neckline that flatters your figure.

Create an illusion with vertical lines

Try wearing a vest or a loosely draped scarf. The vertical lines created by these pieces divide the body and deceive the eye. Layering can work really well, as long as the garments are well-fitted and lightweight. If you wrap the scarf around the neck, there is a risk of further emphasizing the bust, similar to how a high neckline accentuates its size. If you have narrow and sloping shoulders, you can try using a thin scarf, tied in the right way, or wearing statement earrings to add volume to the shoulder line.

Long necklaces are also very flattering. Make sure that the necklace doesn’t end at the widest part of the bust or rest directly on the bust. The necklace should be relatively long and be able to hang freely. Necklaces that fall in a V shape are more flattering than short, round necklaces. Necklaces that sit on your décolletage (above your bust) also suit you well, and remember that the larger you are, the larger the jewelry you can wear.

Soft fabrics that drape nicely work well, as do longer tunics that drape nicely under the bust and over the stomach.

Do you have large bust and broad shoulders?
Try to avoid having too many details around the shoulder line. Opt for soft cuts in tops, fabrics that drape nicely, and V-necklines. The broad shoulders can be balanced with vertical cuts, such as a long scarf or statement earrings. Sleeveless tops with slightly wider shoulder straps and tops with half-length sleeves suit you well. Short sleeves may further widen your shoulder line.

In the first video (in Finnish and Swedish), I show the ideal length of necklaces, and towards the end of the film, you can see how a vest balances the proportions and provides a slimmer silhouette:

Hugs, Marie

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