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Result: You have a straight body type!

A straight body type has more or less the same measurements around the waist, hips and bust. Your body shape is best described as rectangular or straight. A straight body type has either a full butt or one of a slightly smaller variety and the body can have soft shapes or angular ones. Dresses with stretch, that follow the body shape, are excellent as long as they are not too tight. If you would like a more curvy body, princess-style dresses are perfect, as well as flattering round or angular necklines. The ‘Birgitta’ and ‘Michelle’ dresses and other balloon-shaped clothes that create volume and curves are great models for you. You easily create delicious shapes and conjure up a waist with the help of dresses and tunics in exciting cuts and patterns. Bottoms that are slightly flared or straight and tops that nip in at the waist provide a good balance!

If you are tall, you can very well highlight your waist. For example, you can use a light sweater and a dark waistcoat and button the waistcoat down to the waist and let the light sweater show through under the waistcoat. You can also play with cardigans to create silhouettes. Ideally they should end at the waist and you can also try tying them up. If you want to hide a non-existent waist or a strong hip, don’t emphasize the waist too much, but feel free to try a belt under a jacket or cardigan that you leave open. Create proportions and balance between different parts of your body. This rule applies of course to all body types.

This works well on you!

☑︎ Layer upon layer and wrap models.
☑︎ Light A-shaped models.
☑︎ Interesting details and accessories.
☑︎ Shawls and accessories in different colors, choose where you want to draw the eye.
☑︎ Smaller shawls dress you well, because the shoulder line does not need so much volume.
☑︎ Big bags
☑︎ Wavy fabrics, simple cuts, straight and clear lines.
☑︎ Pattern
☑︎ Pockets on the sides or hip.
☑︎ You dress in all necklines!
☑︎ Straight, not too wide sleeves.
☑︎ You look good with a belt on the hips instead of the waist.
☑︎ Sewn-down pleats are usually better than fluffy gathering.
☑︎ Choose dense fabrics that drape well, not too “flowy” fabrics.

Here you see some garments that suit you!

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